AXIA TIME has created an heirloom-quality timepiece exclusively for Tewaaraton honorees. Working closely with the Tewaaraton Foundation, AXIA TIME designed and created an ultra-custom Tewaaraton timepiece for honorees that will now be made available to all Tewaaraton Finalists.

“As a former student athlete, myself, I’m honored to help each finalist commemorate this incredible achievement.” said John Kanaras, founder of AXIA Time. “We were delighted to work with the Tewaaraton Foundation to create a bespoke and exclusive timepiece for its honorees and are excited to offer it to this elite group of athletes.”

“We’re grateful to John Kanaras and AXIA TIME for making these beautiful watches available to our Finalists,” said Andy Phillips, President of the Tewaaraton Foundation. “It’s only fitting that each Finalist has an heirloom-quality timepiece to remember this time.” 


AXIA Time creates ultra-custom, Swiss Made mechanical timepieces to commemorate life’s greatest achievements. Timepieces with styling and quality that match the significance of the memories they represent. The creation of AXIA Time was the result of founder John Kanaras’ 30-year journey to find a high-quality and stylish watch to commemorate his time playing lacrosse at the University of Pennsylvania. When he couldn’t find what he was looking for, he decided to build it himself. AXIA (pronounced ahx-EE-ah) means value/worth in Greek and is at the heart of the company’s mission: to deliver exceptional value and exceed expectations in everything they do. From the designs and quality of the components used, to the purchase experience of their customers, their intention is to treat people exactly the way they would want to be treated. Maybe better.

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The University Club of Washington, DC

The University Club of the City of Washington, District of Columbia was established in 1904. During the tenure of William Howard Taft, the Club’s first President and later the President of the United States, the membership adopted a most appropriate motto which still holds true today: “Enter all ye who have a degree of good fellowship and learning.”

Today, The University Club is a favorite meeting spot for members and their guests, with the comfort and privacy of a home away from home. The Club’s collegial atmosphere makes it possible to enjoy an amazing array of services including upscale dining, casual grille, pub, health club, squash, indoor pool and spa treatments in addition to private event rooms and peaceful reading in the library. With superior recreational facilities and a full schedule of social programming, The University Club of Washington, DC, has established itself as one of the premier private city clubs in the country.

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