The Tewaaraton Foundation Stands with the Iroquois Nationals and the Haudenosaunee People

The Tewaaraton Foundation calls upon the organizers of World Games 2022 to invite the Iroquois Nationals to compete in Birmingham. The Tewaaraton Award was named in recognition of the distinctive historical role of the Haudenosaunee in the origins, preservation, and sharing of the game of lacrosse. “Tewaaraton” is the Mohawk name for their game and rightfully adds significance to the naming of lacrosse’s best collegiate player each year. Against all odds, the Haudenosaunee have not only been responsible for continuously guiding lacrosse through 1,000 years from its origins to its modern form but also for setting a standard of excellence – the Iroquois Nationals’ current international rankings are #2 for indoor lacrosse and #3 for outdoor lacrosse. The World Games are led by the International World Games Association (IWGA), whose stated goals are to create an important international championship for each sport and to conserve traditional values of sport.  With the inclusion of the Iroquois Nationals in World Games 2022, the lacrosse competition will be both more significant and more respectful of the cultural values of the game.  The Tewaaraton Foundation stands with the Iroquois Nationals and the Haudenosaunee people.